The Internet of Things has great promise for the industry, enabling:

Tracking behavior, enhanced situation awareness, sensor-driven decision analytic, process optimization and complex autonomous systems. Yet before these systems are widely embraced, challenges in business, policy, and technical challenges must be tackled. The adopters need to prove that the new sensor-driven business models create superior value. Rules on data privacy and data security, particularly for uses that touch on sensitive consumer information, needs to be verified. On the technology side, the cost of sensors and actuators as well as the R&D complexity and Time to market, defines make or buy strategy for the solutions.

Vinnter IoT Gateway is designed to add connectivity to your products

Vinnter IoT Gateway retrofit edition is based on our Smart Product Platform, providing hardware and software which can be used with any cloud service. The modular platform offers a range of different types of connectivity solutions and interfaces. Vinnter IoT Gateway is a cost efficient platform which provides shorter time to market and  fewer risks.



We provide technology and know-how to make your products smarter!

Vinnter is an innovative system integrator of M2M/Internet of Things solutions focusing on industrial machines. Strengthened by deep knowledge in design, development and industrialization of embedded systems, connectivity solutions and cloud integration, Vinnter takes pride in assuring your success by making your products smarter!

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