Deep Learning - Training
28000 SEK
This is a hands-on training for developers and data scientists that want to learn more about Deep Learning and explore this interesting topic.
You will get basic insights and hands-on training in Deep Learning and can continue to explore this topic on your own. You are also qualified to participate in the next training where we look at
Deep reinforcement learning.
Course program
February, 7 – February, 9
28000 SEK
Price excluding VAT

How much does it cost?
Register for the training
Fill in your information and we will send a confirmation letter within 3 working days with additional course information and payment terms. Last day to register is January, 20.
Do you have some questions? Find answers below!
What type of framework will we use during the training?
Do I need to bring a computer?
Yes. But we will user virtual servers for the training.
Can I i use my own computer instead of the virtual server?
Yes, but it needs to fulfil our requirements. Please contact us and we can send you the requirements for HW and SW.
Any course prerequisites?
No... But it will help you if you have basic knowledge in Python programming and understands the fundamentals of Linear Algebra and Optimisation.
Do you have any other courses?
We are planning for courses with different frameworks like TensorFlow and Keras.
We are also preparing training for Deep reinforcement learning.
Shall I register now?
Yes, the seats are limited. Please register as soon as possible to guarantee your seat.
Contact us
+46 730 88 99 19 (Jakob)