Oct 30 - Nov 1
25.500 SEK
Vinnter is very proud to present what we believe will be an exciting, fun,
rewarding and interesting AWS training together with Nordcloud
System Operations on AWS.

System Operations on AWS, which is part of the official AWS curriculum, is designed to teach those in a Systems Administrator or Developer Operations (DevOps) role how to create automatable and repeatable deployments of networks and systems on the AWS platform. The course covers the specific AWS features and tools related to configuration and deployment, as well as common techniques used throughout the industry for configuring and deploying systems.

Instead of attending the 3-day course at the scheduled Nordcloud training sessions in one of the Nordic capitals we have decided to bring the training to the capital of the west coast, Gothenburg. The course will of course be the same high quality training as Nordcloud always delivers but with additional benefits by being in Gothenburg:

  • Nice facilities at Vinnter in the center of Gothenburg with easy access from the central station
  • No need to travel with expenses for flight/train, hotel etc.
  • Lower cost for the course
The course dates are set to October 30th to November 1st.

For detailed course content please visit Nordcloud at

Hopefully, you will find this interesting and make sure to reserve a seat as soon as possible.
For more information and registration please visit

Best Regards,
Eric Michélsen
CEO Vinnter

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