Tom Victor

Tom is a highly skilled engineer with experience in both hardware and software engineering. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, India, and has a talent for breaking down complex technical problems and finding solutions. He has a diverse background, having started his career as an entrepreneur with […]

Johanna Ternström

Johanna is passionate about bringing successful and profitable products and services to the market. She has a background within digital product management from both start-ups and global enterprises bringing successful cloud solutions and services to the market. She’s been working with a wide range of companies within different industries, that all share the goal to […]

Linus Ekvall

Linus is a curious and creative tech enthusiast that breathes innovation. He enjoys the process of turning ideas into products and making them part of reality. This is something he likes to do both professionally and in his spare time. As an embedded software developer he is focused, persistent and also enjoys going into neighboring […]

Linus Sjunnesson

Linus is for the moment our newest and youngest recruit. Straight out of gymnasium Linus charmed us at Vinnter with his enthusiasm and drive to become a better software developer to the extent that we just couldn’t let him leave after his practicing period was over. To further test him we gave him the test […]

Dilan Ustunyagiz

Dilan believes that to be able to create value in today’s saturated markets, an unconventional cross-field perspective is needed, which is where the real creativity lies. That said, she has been training herself across fields. She holds a BSc in Industrial Engineering, BA in Media and Visual Arts, and MSc in Entrepreneurship and Business Design. […]

Erik Manfredsson

Erik is a dedicated collaborator who puts the team’s progress firsthand. Coming from a banking background, he has gained extensive interpersonal skills and a profound understanding of attending customer needs, which he now uses to create a great end-user experience.  Erik finds the creativity of problem solving the most engaging part of his job and […]

Carlos Delgado

Carlos is passionate on creating products that can solve real problems.  In the last two years he has been working on Web and Mobile applications. He has extensive experience within product development of wearable technologies. After having run his own IT business for a couple of years, he decided to change career as a coder. His […]

Wouter Dankers

Wouter is an enthusiastic and driven person who is eager to learn and experiment with new technologies. He received his M.Sc in embedded and intelligent systems from Halmstad University, Sweden and his  B.Sc from the Katholieke Hogeschool Kempen, Belgium. Wouter is an experienced and versatile software engineer who takes great pride in writing well functioning and […]

Linus Nibell

Linus is a technical person with an eye for complexity and system architecture. He always strives to learn and understand more how systems works and communicate. He strongly believes in quality in all aspects, which reflects how he views software development. For him it is not necessary to build the perfect system, but the right […]

Hena Hodzic

Hena is a brave young woman with her roots in Sarajevo, brining two Master Programme degrees to Vinnter’s clients.