Recruitment success at Vinnter

During the spring and summer we at Vinnter have been working extremely hard to find new employees to hire to the best working place in Göteborg (yes, we might be prejudiced in this judgement… 😁 ). And the Vinnter recruitment success has finally appeared.

We have been working with several tools and services in parallell since the autumn of 2018, but during the early spring we decided to give LinkedIn job ads a chance. This has proven to be the most cost effective way of finding the best applications possible.

The hit rate may sound low, with a 3% hit rate. But we are extremely satisfied. We have held around 50 initial interviews and approximately 20 second interviews. But the best move ever has been when we decided to develop our own test to set in the hands of applicants that pass the first interview. It has been a great help for us to filter out those who really are ready to start with us from a competence perspective.

If you are interested in what opportunities you might find here, please head over to our career pages.

In the end it has resulted in us signing with four new employees! We are super excited to get them onboard (some have already started) and get them to contribute to our customers success and satisfaction with Vinnter as their chosen partner for development of IoT and connected things.

Curious of who we are? Well, just head over to an overview of our team! You can hire a team of these great people if you want!

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