Niklas Laurell

Niklas has extensive experience from working in the arena for mobile telecommunications and business solutions utilising the latest technologies to gain business value. He has since 1994 been working within the field of Machine to Machine (M2M), including telematics and telemetry. Assignments he engages in usually include business development of some form – offering, operational […]

Michael Wallenius

Michael is a passionate entrepreneur that has got a strong academic background through an M.Sc. in Applied Physics and an MBA with Innovation Management as a focus area. He has started several own companies and held numerous managerial positions within the private sector as well as government owned organisations. Although his leadership experiences and aspirations […]

Björn Adolfsson

Björn is one of Vinnter’s top architects and certified AWS Solution Architect. His long experience from developing solutions for the automotive sector has made him an extremely versatile and experienced developer and software architect. He has a strong focus on creating value for the customer. His experience in developing large scale applications with high uptime […]

Tony Akiki

Tony is one of our skilled embedded systems developer and holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science and Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Embedded Electronics System Design. Through the years at Vinnter he has been working with several different projects, ranging from measuring weather data and the quality and amount particles in the air, […]

Oscar Hellström

Oscar is eager to experiment with and learn new technology. He is extremely versatile and interested in software architecture and design. His vast experience come from working with software in various projects ranging from fintech, instant messaging, telecom, web development to embedded development and security. He considers himself to have his specialities and expertise within […]