Wishing you all a great summer!

The year of 2019 has been a great one for Vinnter. Lots of things have happened and much more is still to change before we may consider ourselves “done”. Of course we never get “done”, since this is not how the world works. Our customers are in constant change and so do we need to be. But it is not for the sake of changing, it is about adapting to new circumstances in our business as well as within our customer’s business.

Vinnter started out with a focus on development of electronics hardware for our customers, accompanied by some software development needed to get the electronics to adapt to customer requirements and connect to the Internet. Today our main business and our customer’s requirements has changed a bit and our focus has turned towards more software related development, both within embedded development and cloud service development. It is also extremely clear that cloud services are here to stay when it comes to connected things.

During the year we have signed on three new employees and we are looking to employ even more. We have more to do than ever before and are looking towards a great year both financially and assignment wise.

We look forward to interacting with you all again after the summer vacations! Meanwhile we would like to wish you a great summer where the focus lies on relaxation and regaining energy through great activities with friends and family.

From all of us; HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!

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