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The connected challenge

Today we expect everything to be connected. To make this happen many companies need external competence and experience that span multiple disciplines. Our knowledge stretch from low-level hardware design, radio technologies, embedded software development, databases, cloud technologies, backend development and mobile app development. To understand the user need, we also have people onboard, that know how to challenge the customer to do the right thing for the end-user.

Allow us to guide you through this, and help you utilize the right method for your product and target market.

Vinnter serves as an enabler for developing new business and service strategies to traditional industries, as well as fresh start-ups. We help companies stay competitive through sound business advice and highly skilled and experienced developers. No matter what problem.

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What we do


It is easy to dash into a complete darkness with a great idea. Through prototyping we create insight and help our customers to early understand what they actually want and how it should be delivered to their end users.


An innovation is an invention brought to a market. By adding value work to a new or common product or service,  we help traditional industries to create new connected products and digital services that redefines their market.


Through our broad competence base, ranging from the hardware design to the cloud based software service and  user interface, we bring our skilled and experienced teams of developers and engineers to the table and start developing top class products and services.

There are 3 main reasons behind successful IoT projects.

54% of businesses name the reason behind their projects’ success to be collaboration between IT and business.

49% of business leaders agree that a technology-focused culture contributes to an IoT project’s success.
48% of them also list IoT expertise as a major factor in their success on the Internet of Things market.
0 %

The amount of businesses that see an ROI on their IoT investment

0 %

The share of IT leaders who believe IT security is considered to be the top barrier for success

0 %

The global market share of Smart Cities  IoT. In second place with 26% comes Industrial IoT.

What we deliver

Data collection

We have seen several projects collecting and storing vast amounts of data. But the purpose and the refining of the data are often unclear, or explored thoroughly enough. We try to change this by asking the difficult questions like why, how and where, and find a strategy for how to use the data to create insights.

Create insights

The importance of creating insights from collected data cannot be stressed enough. Some insights are easy to create with standard methods and tools, while others might need a mathematician and analytics expert, digging through a pile of Big Data.

Drive execution

Iterating though a couple of prototyping sprints, reviewing the insights from collected data, will finally tell our clients the path to probable success. Here a dedicated team with the experience from earlier iterations may populate the agile development team, in-house at the customer site or in our own office.

What we know

Service enabler through connected things

We are no suit-and-tie-management-consultancy. Instead we require our employees to be hands-on, to have a strong sense of personal responsibility and an ability to stay customer focused. We believe this to be the best management consultant ever. Through our broad technical skillset and our entrepreneurial and business focus we make our customers connected with business related reason, not because it is the “hot” thing to do.

Embedded software development

We handle embedded software development regardless of chosen processor or real-time operating system. We are also experienced in sensor integration, which has become increasingly important in many of our projects.

Communications and connectivity

We have a deep understanding of cloud and edge connectivity including specifics of the communication protocols and standards involved.

Hardware design

Our expertise covers hardware design from scratch, complete go-to-manufacturing documentation, strategic selection of hardware manufacturers and compliance testing. On our premises we have the possibility for small series hardware prototype production.

Cloud services and IoT platforms

We are proficient in the leading services Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. Our use of established cloud services and IoT platforms enables swift proof-of-concept development and lessened development time in production solutions.

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